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Scholarship Opportunities for Continuing Students

You have at least one semester under your belt and now you’re looking to the future! We are here to support your efforts in continuing your education. Explore the scholarship opportunities available below, which include the qualifications in the description. In order to apply for these scholarships, sign in (using the button on the top right of this page) using your WISER credentials to access the campus login portal.

What to Expect:

  • Start with the general application
  • The general application will require a two page essay
  • After completing the general scholarship application, you may see other scholarship opportunities with additional steps. These opportunities have been matched to you based on your qualifications.
  • You will receive an email to your UMass Boston email account if you are selected to receive a scholarship.

Each scholarship opportunity has its own individual criteria and guidelines. Some scholarships will only be open to students in certain majors, with certain cumulative GPAs, or a number of other factors. Our scholarship opportunities are highly sought over and funding is limited. Apply early to receive the most consideration.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$0.00 College of Management Supply Chain & Service Management Scholarship
$5,000.00 The Gilman J. Hebert Scholarship
Varies The Entrepreneurship and Diversity Scholarship
Founded by Dan Phillips, the Entrepreneurship & Diversity Scholarship is...
$2,500.00 Joyce K. Hackman Scholarship
The purpose of the Fund will be to provide one or two annual...
$2,000.00 The Seeley Family Scholarship
The purpose of the Fund will be to provide scholarship support to...
$1,000.00 Dr. Nelson P. Lande Student Support Fund
The purpose of the Fund will be to provide one or more annual awards to...
varies The Laurie Melchionda Scholarship Fund
The purpose of the Laurie Melchionda Scholarship is to provide support...
$500.00 The Nick & Debbie Katsiroubas Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarship support to undergraduate Nursing or Management...
$1,000.00 Leahy Family Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarship support to one or more full-time undergraduate(s)...
Multiple awards of up to $3,000 Alumni Association Scholarship
This scholarship is made available to UMass Boston undergraduate...