Orville Wright Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the fund will be to endow a scholarship to support Music Majors in the Performing Arts Department who express an interest in promoting the Africian
American community and meet the following criteria: GPA of 2.8 or higher; Applicant must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA) or can benefit from loan reduction. Applicant must be a resident of the Boston areas of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan or Hyde Park. Applicant must be a US Citizen or US
resident. Must be a full time student at UMass Boston. At the direction of a 3 person committee, the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management will be responsible for awarding the
scholarship funds each year. University Advancement will form the committee that will include at least 2 representatives from UMass Boston and one member of the Wright family,
provided the Wright family contacts University Advancement each fall. In the event that a Wright family member is not available to participate on the committee, they may appoint a
suitable representative of their choosing. When possible, the Wright family may offer suggestions on which UMass Boston representative should participate. If the Wright family has not
offered their suggestion by December of each year, University Advancement will proceed with forming the committee independently. In the event the fund cannot be awarded according to
the criteria above by March 1 of each year, the Music major that has achieved the highest GPA and has demonstrated financila need and/or or can benefit from loan reduction should
receive the scholarship.