The Rosendahl Family, and the Pearl Rosendahl Scholarship

The Rosendahl Family, and the Pearl Rosendahl Scholarship

Pearl Laura Rosendahl was born on 9/16/24 in Lewiston Maine. Pearl’s early life was one of a loving family but one of financial hardship. She was raised and educated through high school in Auburn, Maine. Pearl decided early on that she had a strong desire to become a Nurse. She studied and worked through high school determined to pay her way towards higher education. It was during this time that she met her future husband, Winston. Their dates were during the depression era and that time helped shaped their ideals. Both decided to postpone marriage until they had graduated from College and were able to financially care for a family. It was during their College education, that World War II started. It was the only lottery that Winston won…his number for the draft was the first to be drawn. While the War was being fought, Pearl studied and helped with volunteering here at home. She was a 1942 Graduate of Central Maine General Hospital School of Nursing. She worked her way up to evening Supervisor at Central Maine General Hospital 1943-1946. When the war ended, Pearl and Winston were married. And Pearl continued her nursing career at Maine Medical Center, attending and graduating University of Maine, Portland with a B.S. Liberal Arts Degree.

Winston and Pearl had three daughters and while they grew up, Winston worked days at B&M Baked Beans as their Treasurer and returned home at night to be a Mr. Mom to their girls, while Pearl attended and graduated from Boston University School of Nursing with a They were truly pioneers in their time. Pearl continued to advance her nursing education through Boston University obtaining her Masters in Nursing in 1966, Masters in Education in 1968, and Doctorate in 1972 from BU. She graduated from the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo in 1976 with Her RNP. She further attended the University of Rochester School of Nursing, N.Y. for The Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Fellow Primary Care in 1980. During her education, she continued to work in various Nursing capacities: from a Staff Nurse in Maine Medical Center through 1964, Advancing to a Clinical Nurse Instructor at NE Baptist Hospital summers through 1968, and to an Instructor for Nursing School, Boston University 1968-1970. She was rewarded for her efforts and was promoted to Assistant Professor of Nursing School at Boston University from 1970-1980 and was nominated for the Metcalf award for Teaching excellence in 1981. She was tenured in 1974. She was a Nurse practitioner at Pembroke Health Clinic when her family moved to Massachusetts and Winston started his own business Mass Buying Power, Inc. to save people money on major purchases. Pearl was a visiting Professor with the University of Rochester School of Nursing 1980-¬1981. And, then with West Germany Air Base, overseas program 1981-1982.

Pearl wrote a Nursing Education Book: “Pathophysiology: Adaptations and Alterations in Functioning” in conjunction with Barbara Bullock which is still in use today. She received the coveted Nursing 84 book of the year award for it. Aside from that she wrote and published numerous articles. She was hired by University of Mass at Boston to be an Associate Professor in 1987-1992. She was inducted a member in “Who’s who for Women”. Pearl wrote many grant proposals for both Boston University and the University of Massachusetts Boston totaling over $3,000,000.

The Pearl Rosendahl Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 by Pearl and Winston’s youngest daughter, Jinja, who expresses: “The pride and love we have for them is immeasurable. FYI, we all became Nurses. My parents and their accomplishments are so awe inspiring, especially if you consider their ages and their generation. They were so ahead of their time. They truly epitomized the ‘greatest generation.’ My father was born in 1917, my mother in 1924. My mother and father had so many accomplishments throughout their lives and never once rested on that. They were always there for each other as for their children and friends and extended family. Growing up, the family kitchen table was always covered with a body part to use for her students, given to her by one of her Clinical Physicians that she knew. The smell of formaldehyde mixed with cheerios…ah. Our dining room was over loaded with pages of her book in its infancy through the final date when it was finished and published. It was just part of our life. We always were fortunate to have her foreign students spending time at our home during holiday time when they were far from their families. We learned from them of their cultures. When Pearl was leaving Boston University for UMass Boston her students threw her a roast. With so many in attendance, the auditorium was used. What a tribute to Mom. A couple of her former students from Australia had been in contact with her and had been arranging for her to be a visiting professor for a semester there in 1995 when Pearl had her first of several strokes. Her last few years were difficult to see her brilliant mind being assaulted a bit at a time, and her body no longer able to do her daily morning runs. She died at 73 years of age.

Loved and Respected by many and yet, so approachable. As a side, her husband, just died in 2014 at 97 years of age. From her death to his, my father remained in love with my mother. Throughout their life together that I remember, they always held hands, hugged and loved and supported each other’s efforts and their daughters. Mom, Pearl, loved learning and teaching what she knew. For this scholarship, if it can help you attain your goal, Pearl would truly be smiling. This would be so special to her to know that she is still able to be helping someone. Best wishes for a great life and thank you for your interest in Pearl Rosendahl’s life.”