Inclusive Fellowship for Immigrant-Origin Students (IFIOS)

The UMass Boston Inclusive Fellowship for Immigrant-Origin Students recognizes the social responsibility work that immigrant-origin students do in supporting and advocating in their communities. Recipients of the Inclusive Fellowship for Immigrant-Origin Students will be called Inclusive Fellows and will benefit from receiving financial support to carry out a project that aligns with their own work in the community.
The purpose of the fellowship is for fellows to have support, mentoring, and advocacy in activities that will enhance their educational opportunities as well as recognize their contributions to their community. The following fellowship agreement is intended to clarify the expectations of the fellowship as well as the support fellows will receive to carry out a project and to engage in professional development that supports their growth. This fellowship award is for the spring 2024 semester.
The fellowship consists of the following:
1. Participation in a hands-on, experiential learning project with a clear relationship to social responsibility,
2. Development of a learning plan and project overview with benchmarks in collaboration with IFIOS staff and a mentor,
3. Participation in biweekly meetings through the course of the semester with IFIOS staff and mentors. Meeting times will be determined when fellows are selected for the semester,
4. A progress report providing work toward the benchmarks, developed in conjunction with the IFIOS staff and a mentor, due mid-semester,
5. A brief final report with information about the tangible product(s) or result(s) of the project and what was learned through participating in the project, due by the conclusion of the fellowship, and
6. Attendance and participation at one workshop for fellows if it is offered during either the Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 semester.

Through participating in this fellowship, you will benefit in the following ways:
1. You will engage in hands-on, experiential learning that enhances your educational opportunities and recognizes your contributions to your community.
2. You will be supported in your project by IFIOS staff and a mentor in a field of expertise related to your project.
3. You will receive leadership advocacy and professional development training through the workshop and through support from the mentor and others who support the IFIOS community.
4. You will have access to support in navigating university resources and structures, including but not limited to your project. You will sharpen communication skills, time management, and interpersonal skills.
5. Fellows will receive a $2,500 fellowship for the semester to support participation in the program. The fellowship funds will be disbursed shortly after a contract agreement is submitted.

Up to $2500 (one semester award, students may reapply in future semesters)
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your current immigration status?
  2. Please describe the financial aid you are receiving from the university or outside scholarship funding.
  3. Briefly tell us your immigration story. (For example: Where are you from? When did you come to the U.S.? Why did you come here? What has your experience been? What are your academic and/or professional aspirations?) (250-500 words)
  4. Initial Project Ideas What are some possible projects that you would like to carry out? If you do not have a project in mind, what are your research and community/social responsibility interests? (1 – 2 paragraphs) Examples: 1. You are a Biochemistry student and will be using the funds to continue conducting research in the laboratory. 2. You are a liberal arts student and got an internship at a local community organization that is unpaid. You can have your internship experience and learning be your project. 3. You want to conduct research on food inequality in different parts of the state. 4. You want to develop and share a resource guide with other immigrant origin students or members of your community.