Biology Professors Fund

The fund is established for the support of UMass Boston students pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology with preference given to students who are veterans or active duty members of the military. Students shall have completed their sophomore year and have demonstrated a record of persistence and academic accomplishment in progress toward their degree. Students may receive their award up to a maximum of two years. The donors’ intent is to provide financial support for said students that may take a number of different forms including but not limited to tuition and fees, books and supplies, research and/or internship stipends, funding for travel to research sites or to national or international meetings to present research findings, or other expenses deemed appropriate. Decisions regarding the distribution of these funds will be made by the Chair of the Biology Department. The overall purpose of this endowment is to ease student financial burden and to enhance and enrich students’ educational experience.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe your biology related research, activities, and experiences