The Entrepreneurship and Diversity Scholarship

Founded by Dan Phillips, the Entrepreneurship & Diversity Scholarship is meant to encourage students from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about pursuing careers in the startup and growth technology ecosystem of Massachusetts. The program is open to sophomores and beyond from any major who have a desire to work in the technology sector, and potentially start their own company someday. In addition to a scholarship, the program includes a mentorship opportunity with Dan Phillips or another appropriate mentor in the technology sector.

To be considered for the award students must be interested in the scholarship and mentorship opportunity as listed above and meet the following criteria:
- Passionate about pursuing an entrepreneurial startup/growth technology career.
- Currently working, utilizing loans, and scholarships to pay for tuition.
- Have an unmet tuition need.
- Diverse background in terms of not growing up connected to the startup/growth technology industry.
- Acceptance to the Hack.Diversity program is preferred.
- First generation in family to attend college is preferred.
- Must be available for an in-person interview by the Scholarship Committee*
*All finalists for this scholarship will be invited to meet with a Scholarship Committee to review their applications.

About Hack.Diversity
Hack.Diversity is a program of the New England Venture Capital Association, created to address one of the region’s most glaring workforce inefficiencies, bringing together under-represented sources of talent with the region’s hottest, fastest growing companies in tech and healthcare. A unique internship-to-employment pipeline, the program provides diversity consulting and training for hiring companies, and provides engineers of color with training, coaching, and mentoring – positioning both employer and employee for long-term success. Over 30 UMass Boston students were selected as Hack.Diversity fellows since 2016. For more information regarding the program please visit

Dan Phillips
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you interested in pursuing a career in the startup/technology growth industry?
  2. If yes, why?
  3. Have you applied or are you accepted into the Hack.Diversity program?
  4. Are you interested in having a mentor to help guide you through your education/internship/career journey?
  5. If yes, why?
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